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Here at ToolShelf we bring to you the Sealey MightyMIG150 review. This rig can weld steel up to 4mm thick and is the perfect option for smaller type welding jobs, DIY enthusiasts or beginners. Sealey is one of the biggest tool and equipment suppliers in the UK and are well known for their professional high quality MIG welders. Sealey not only provides innovative professional high quality equipment at an affordable price, but they also ensure each and every product exceeds international standards ensuring customer satisfaction time and time again. The options for gas or gasless use, the safety features, and the price backed with a 3 year warranty are what make the Sealey MightyMIG150 a great option to choose.

Gas Vs. Gasless Mig Welding

Although the Sealey MightyMIG150 comes stock gasless a conversion kit can be purchased to allow gas welding. Let’s take a look at gas vs. gasless welding so you can decide if purchasing the kit is worth it or not for you.

Sealey 120.802032 No Gas/Gas Conversion Kit

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Gasless MIG welding is actually not gasless as there is no such thing as a gasless MIG welder. All MIG welds require gas to protect the weld pool from oxygen and is done by displacing the air with gas. This is acheived by using a self shielding MIG wire that is coated with a flux core. The reason why it’s called “gasless” is because as the arc melts the wire the flux coat burns creating a shield of gas around the weld.

There are a few downsides to gasless MIG welding. Although the Sealey MightyMIG150 is not meant for thick steel, trying to weld thick steel without gas is not an option. Self shielding MIG wire also creates a lot of nasty smoke and I highly recommend using it in either a well ventilated area or outside. Other then that using a “gasless” MIG welder is a great choice for beginners as you don’t need to purchase or refill gas.


This is hands down the most common way to MIG weld and for good reason. By using gas and a solid MIG wire the gas is constantly dumped on the weld creating a more stable environment for the weld pool thus preventing contamination from the oxygen. It not only creates a more stable gas shield for the weld pool but it also produces better welds especially for thicker steel. Having to purchase gas on a regular basis is the only downfall to gas welding and I strongly recommend it if you plan welding on a regular basis.


Both gas and gasless MIG options are great depending on what your needs are. What makes the Sealey MightyMIG150 such a great welder is the ability to use it gas or gasless. Personally if I had a choice I would use gas. If you’re new to welding and just starting to get your feet wet, using it gasless and upgrading to gas in the future is always a option.

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Sealey MightyMIG150 Features


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£219.95 £389.94
  • Forced air cooled
  • Duty cycle: 100% @ 30A, 15% @ 105A
  • Input 230V
  • Weight 26kg
  • For use with 0.9kg gasless  and 0.7kg mild steel wire reels only
  • Welding range 30A-150A
  • Comfort grip non-live torch
  • Gas-less with Gas conversion options


The MightyMIG 150 is not the lightest or smallest welder on the market but it’s durable and can be moved around with ease due to it’s wheels. Weighing only 26 kgs it can be easily picked up and put into a vehicle for easy transportation.


Sealey offers a 3 year warranty on the main power transformer, 1 year warranty for parts and labour and a 2 year warranty for parts and labour if you register it with sealey after purchase. Sealey is known for their high quality MIG welders. Backed with a 3 year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction, its a no brainer why they are so popular within the industry.


For the price the Sealey MightyMIG150 is by far the best rig for the price. Durable, Diverse and backed with a 3 year warranty, Falling just shy of £200 you can’t go wrong!

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Sealey MightyMIG150 Pros & Cons

£219.95 £389.94
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  • Wheels and handle for portability
  • Ideal option for beginner
  • Professional welder at a low cost
  • Durable
  • 3 year warranty
  • Gas or Gasless operation

  • Weak duty cycle
  • Not meant for big jobs

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After doing a full Sealey MightyMIG150 review, not only is this a great welder for beginners and DIY enthusiasts but It’s also a great MIG welder for light duty work on a budget. With a little bit of experience and a gas conversion kit I guarantee this welder will not let down!

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