Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 Review: MIG Welder

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`Are you searching for the best welding machine for DIY projects and car repairs? You may be looking for a perfect device for your routine welding activities but not necessarily an extremely powerful one. One excellent solution is a MIG welder. It’s suitable for many home projects, delivers more power and is cost-friendly.

One model you should consider buying is the MIGHTYMIG100 welder. Its manufacturer, Sealey, is well known for offering thousands of items for homes, businesses and organizations. In this Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 Review, we’ll look at reasons why you should or shouldn’t purchase this device.

Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 Review

Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 Professional No-Gas MIG Welder 100Amp 230V

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£124.95 £227.94


The Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 is gasless and provides you with the ability weld metal sheets of varying thickness. To carry out this function, it features a toggle, which lets you set the amperage from minimum to maximum.

However, you should realize that the welding power while at the minimum setting won’t last over six minutes. However, this incredible welder can operate for around 2 minutes while at 90A, which is great considering its price.

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During this Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 review, we found that you can manage this welder’s joint by varying the wire feed’s speed, that’s by turning the control knob to your desired setting. This no-gas welder is compact, provides you with excellent performance and is available at a very competitive price. With its 14.5 kg weight, you will find it ideal for DIY welding activities and car repairs.


The MIGHTYMIG100 is Flux-cored wire compatible (up to 0.9mm) and the spool’s weight should be 0.9kg. Just as with other welding tools, this model has an overheating protection. The orange light notifies the user when the Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 overheats after a long period of use.

In addition, the cooling system (forced air) chills the internal parts of this welder. For additional convenience, this welder features a non-live torch that provides you with added safety and enhances your welding accuracy.

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Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 Pros & Cons

£124.95 £227.94
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1 used from £113.23
Last update was in: 26th May 2019 3:54 pm

  • It’s a powerful machine and ideal for DIY projects and car repairs.
  • The Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 welder offers users a simple and easy setup.
  • The MIGHTYMIG100 welder is budget friendly.

  • This welder produces a lot of fumes

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  1. What Will One Require To Power This Welding Machine

A 13 Amp or 15 Amp house socket will be enough to power this amazing and powerful machine. However, if you’re going to use an extension, make sure you unwind it and make it straight. A cable that’s rolled up creates a magnetic field which reduces the power you get.

  1. Where Can One Purchase (Flux-Cored) Wire For Welding Stainless Steel?

There are many options out there in the market, but you’ll need to know the AWS class.

  1. Can This Welder Accept both Flux-Cored and Solid Wires?

This welder is gasless, meaning it can only use flux-cored wire.

  1. How Many Watts Does This Device Need?

When welding, you need around 1500 watts.

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Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 Review Conclusion

The MIGHTYMIG100 welder is portable and is an excellent device to use at maximum loads and in making wide joints due to its compatibility with thick wires. This Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 Review finds it to be a perfect device that offers users a great performance and longer operating cycles while at medium loads. If you liked out review, have and questions, or want to suggest another Welder for us to review, leave a comment in the section below.

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