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Wall chasers are often used in residential renovations, for electricians they are used to cut channels for electrical cables and conduit. This work requires a powerful motor, therefore residential electricians need power tools with solid workmanship and reliable performance. Choosing the best wall chaser for electricians can be daunting task. Here at ToolShelf we bring to you the Ferm WSM1008 review to help make your decision easier.

Ferm WSM1008 Review

The Ferm WSM1008 wall chaser is an electrically wired 1600w power tool equipped with an adapter that can be used to connect a vacuum cleaner bag or industrial vacuum cleaner. In addition, the wall chaser from Ferm has thermal and overload protection, which guarantees the longevity of this power tool. Through a soft start even beginners and inexperienced electricians can easily start their first attempts with this wall chaser. The spindle lock also proves itself for everyday work. The cut is supported by a laser, so that the channels run true as desired. The scope of delivery includes 2 diamond cutting discs and 2 carbon brushes, a chisel and a functional canvas carrying bag.

FERM WSM1008 Wall Slotter - Wall Chaser - 1600W - With 2 Diamond Discs 150mm - Laser - Vacuum Adapter...

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£104.99 £145.99
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Ferm WSM1008 Specs

  • 2 x  150mm diamond blades
  • Extra long power cable
  • Laser guide
  • Weight 8kg
  • 1600 W motor
  • 8 – 40 mm cutting depth
  • 8 – 30 mm  cutting width
  • Vacuum adapter
  • Thermal and overload protection

Ferm has equipped its masonry tiller with a very powerful 1600 W motor to easily cut through various materials such as drywall, wood or masonry.

The soft run is designed for comfort while working and can easily operated with little to no experience. Equally important are the overload and thermal protection features of the Ferm wall chaser. This power tool also includes a spindle lock and connection for dust extraction. It’s powered by a 230 Volt connection and has a frequency of 50 Hz.

The maximum idling speed is 6000 rpm and is able to cut at depths between 8 and 40 mm, the cutting width also varies between 8 and 30 mm. The cutting discs are 150 mm and 2 diamond cutting discs are already included. The Ferm WSM1008 wall chaser weighs 8 kg, which can be strenuous for longer work periods but its sheer power, speed and durability make up for it. 

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Ferm WSM1008 Features



The wall chaser from Ferm makes a visually striking wall chaser and has a solid finish. The Ferm WSM1008 feels of much higher quality than the price suggests. The engine is mounted on the left and the soft grip is centered, allowing for powerful laser focused work.


The Ferm WSM1008 wall chaser  has all the safety certificates required in the UK. The manufacturer has designed this power tool so that even inexperienced electrical apprentices can use them safely. A soft grip is designed to reduce vibrations and the soft run prevents a jerky start ensuring safe and straight cuts every time. In addition, Ferm has provided the wall chaser with thermal protection as well as an overload protection.


A wall chaser is used to cut channels for wires and conduit in new building or old building while doing renovations. With its 1600 Watt motor, the Ferm wall chaser has enough power to cut most materials such as bricks, plaster walls, Wood or similar material. However, it is not meant for hard or very dense material and is not designed for those types of loads.

All other work is done by the Ferm WSM1008 Wall Chaser without any problems. It’s considered the best wall chaser for electricians for the refurbishment of a home or the completion of a new building. However, the supplied cutting discs are worn out quite quickly, which is why it is advisable to buy replacement blades. Due to the high weight, the wall chaser from Ferm cuts well through the different materials of their new but can be a a bit of a burden in the long run.

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Ferm WSM1008 Pros & Cons

£104.99 £145.99
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  • Easy and safe to use
  • Overload and thermal portection
  • Laser guide for precise cuts
  • Adapter for dust bag or vacuum
  • Powerful 1600 w motor
  • Wide range adjustable cut width and depth

  • On the heavy side for long use
  • Blades burn our quickly

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If your looking for a wall chaser to cut channels for wires, cable and conduit, the Ferm WSM1008 is the best wall chaser for electricians. The Ferm WSM1008 is a model with an excellent price-performance ratio. It’s ideal for work in the electrical field for both master electrician or apprentice. It’s on the tad on the heavy side that and can take some getting used to but its speed and, power and durability make up for it. Extremely smooth with a soft run motor combined with a powerful engine that can cut all soft to medium soft materials, its a no brainier why this is the best wall chaser for electricians. Even though its not meant for hard materials such as concrete or sand-lime stone, as an electrician this is usually not an issue. If you liked ToolShelf’s Ferm WSM1008 review or would like to see another product review, leave a comment below.

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