Metabo KGS216M Review: Mitre Saw

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Are you a career carpenter? Would you wish to generate more accurate cuttings and precise angle adjustments? If you answered in the affirmative, you probably have no worthier companion than this Metabo KGS216M 1500 W 240 V 216 mm Sliding Mitre Saw. Indeed, the tool is specially designed as to be able to exude all those benefits, and indeed, so much more. We have seen it worthwhile to elaborate on its benefits and features in finer details. These form the aim of the Metabo KGS216M review that follows.

Metabo KGS216M Review

Non-slip Rubber Surface

At its handle is a non-slip rubber surface. This surface is designed as to confer some comfortable grip. This way, it diminishes the likelihood of the saw slipping from your hands. It also suppresses the possibility of your hands sustaining blisters. This makes it possible for you to use it longer and for more rigorous chores with ease. This is not to mention also the benefit of maximum comfort you will be certain to derive.

Laser Display

Its scale is outstanding from those of the competing saws. This is because it comes in the form of a laser display. The purpose of the display is to accurately show the exact dimensions of the cuts. Moreover, the scale is also structured in such a way as to be very visible from whichever angle or working position. This goes a long way in enhancing your visibility and quality of work.

Freely Adjustable Table Extension

The core of the saw is the adjustable table extension. It is atop this surface that you place the materials you intend to work on. This table also comes along with an integrated crosscut fence for added support. Being extendable, it sees to it that you handle the largest materials conveniently and in one stop. It also minimizes clutter besides aiding in the storage of the saw while not in use.

Integrated Working Light

With this saw, it is also possible for you to work at night or in times of poor visibility. This is made possible by the existence of the integrated working light. The aim of the integrated working light is to properly illuminate your work area and aid your visibility. This way, you will also be assured of accurate and awesome outcomes in general.=

Precise Angle Adjustment

Indeed, each carpentry session entails some angles and curves. The manufacturer of this saw understands that fact only too well. This is why it has designed the saw in such a manner as to be able to set these angular adjustments accurately and easily. The arrangement, therefore, eliminates unnecessary ambiguities and guarantees more reliable measurements. By reason of this, you may be sure to accrue higher quality outcomes and great furniture indeed!

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Metabo KGS216M Features

Metabo KGS216M 1500 W 240 V 216 mm Sliding Mitre Saw

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£152.00 £154.00


By its sheer nature and design, this saw is indeed great for those light at-home tasks. This stems from its possession of great controls apparatus. The carbide circular saw blade comes in first. This one is what actually generates the cutting power which eventually shreds the wood and other materials in size.

Its operational power output is around 1,500 Watts, which is great indeed. It has the ability to pierce through the toughest of wooden materials. Lastly, it generates a decent speed of around 3,756 revolutions per minute. This again is sufficient enough to handle the moderately tough chores within the shortest time possible


Just like its performance, its quality is also superb. For one, it has a superior cutting capacity that is made possible by the reliable blade. This measures 216 mm by 30 mm. It weighs only 14 kg and is thus convenient to carry around with ease. This is not to mention the two table length extensions which increase and decrease the working surface accordingly. All these awesome features converge to confer to you maximum support and convenience in times of use.

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Metabo KGS216M Pros & Cons

£152.00 £154.00
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  • Generates accurate depths due to the integrated cutting depth control feature
  • Hardly leaves behind any clutter courtesy of the chip collection bag
  • Comparatively simpler to change the blade
  • Handles wide workpieces with ease thanks to the sliding function
  • Great for your safety as well since it has a cable winder and a transport lock

  • Unsuitable for large-scale industrial applications
  • Poor manufacturer’s warranty and backup
  • Quite susceptible to the various agents of wear and tear

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Indeed, for all your small-scale carpentry applications, you have no better friend or companion than this Metabo KGS216M 1500 W 240 V 216 mm Sliding Mitre Saw. As you may already have noted, the machine has all the vital parts and components the ideal saw of its kind ought to possess. It is also comparatively easier to engage and is thus convenient to an average user like you. Why would you even drag your feet to incorporate it into your carpentry armory?

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