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Today Toolshelf brings you the Mikita DLS714Z review. Mitre saws are constantly evolving each year becoming lighter, smaller and more durable. Makita is one of the biggest tool manufacturing company’s around the world and are well known for their high quality power tools. The Makita DLS714Z is cordless, light weight, compact and a great option for tradesman looking for a portable saw that’s easy to move from job site to job site. Not only is this mitre saw light and compact but its also cordless and brushless, A great combo when working in a location without power. This saw doesn’t require electricity to function and the batteries last longer because of the brushless motor. Portable, functional and durable features make the DLS714Z a great option for tradesmen that do work such as renovation, skirting installation, cornices or deck building.

Batteries & Charger

Although the Makita DLS714Z doesnt come with batteries its probably the only con to buying this mitre saw. These 5 amp hour Lithium Ion batteries are long lasting and only take 36 minutes to completely charge. The charger can also charge two batteries at once making this an ideal choice for this mitre saw. Being able to charge two batteries simultaneously will save you 36 minutes per charge keeping you working all day without stopping.

Makita BL1850 18V 2 x LXT 5.0ah Lithium-Ion Batteries + DC18RD Dual Port Charger

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Makita DLS714Z Features

  • 190mm blade
  • Cordless 36V DC ( 2 x 18V Li-ion batteries)
  • Wight 13.5 kg
  • 45 – 5 º max bevel range
  • 47 – 57 º max mitre range
  • 52 x 300 mm max cutting capacity
  • Brushless Motor
  • 3 year Warranty


The Makita DLS714Z is ultra light wight and compact. Weighing only 13.5 kg this saw is a power house that makes transportation a walk in the park. Not only is it Easily stored in a vehicle, garage or shed, you don’t have to worry about tripping on the chord while moving it into storage.


The functionality of this saw is the perfect for the job on the go. Although the blade is only 190 mm, this saw makes up for it with it’s sliding arm feature allowing you to cut material as wide as 300 mm. Equipped with a bevel for applications such as cornices and a mitre for precise skirting and deck board angles. The Makita DLS714Z is also fairly quite, build with a anti slip handle for safety and a soft grip to prevent vibration. The Mitre saw also comes with dust bag to keep the mess to a minimum while working indoors and a triangle rule for calibrating your blade. It also comes with a vertical vice that is used to hold material in place for applications that require accurate cuts.


As we all know cordless power tools are slowly taking over the market. Being able to use a tool without having to drag around a cord is not only much more efficient but its also a great safety feature. The Makita DLS714Z is designed to use two 18 V Li-ion batteries paired together to give 36 volts of power that is comparable to other AC models. This featured combined with the brushless motor creates a super efficient battery life allowing you to make more cuts per charge. If you have the extra quid to spend and use this mitre saw for long periods of time, I suggest buying a second set of batteries so you always have a backup pair ready to go.

Makita DLS714Z 18 V Twin Brushless Slide Compound Mitre Saw - Blue

£479.00 £840.00
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Last update was in: 17th April 2019 1:55 pm

  • Light weight and compact for easy transport
  • Makita backed 3 year warranty
  • Brushless motor for extended battery life
  • Vertical vice, dust bag and triangle rule included

  • Charger and battery not included


If your looking for a portable light weight Mitre saw that doesn’t require electricity and is comparable to other AC powered mitre saws, then the Makita DLS714Z is the best mitre saw for you. Not only is it a work horse but its backed with a 3 year warranty. If you liked our Makita DLS714Z review or have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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Tool Review - Makita 36V Cordless Drop Saw - DLS714

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