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They say it is not fair to judge a book by its cover, but people do, and they can tell a lot about you by the way you or your possessions look. An image may not be everything, but it counts for something so when your car looks dull, your neighbors can only assume how your house might be on the inside. You can make them get a nice impression by using a Sealey DAS 149 Random Orbital Dual Action to polish your vehicle. In this Sealey DAS149 review, we will be going over some of the features, pros and cons, as well as the quality and performance of the sander. Let’s first start off with of the tool’s features.

Sealey DAS149 Random Orbital Dual Action Sander/Polisher Ø150mm 600W/230V

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£78.00 £119.94


  • Lightweight – Sealey DAS 149 Sander weighs 2.3 kgs
  • Speed – it has a variable speed control ranging from 1500rpm to 6800rpm
  • Orbit size – its orbit size measures Ø8 mm
  • Motor power – it has a motor which operates at 600W
  • Switch – the sander has a switch which you turn on and off by sliding


  • Portable – Being light in weight, Sealey DAS149 sander makes polishing for long periods an easy task since you will not get weighed down which can result in you performing your sanding or polishing job sluggishly. The lightweight also makes it portable so you can carry it around the garage conveniently.
  • Price – This dual action sander has a great price of £82.49 which is 31% less of the recommended retail price, thereby upon purchasing it in preference to other sanders, you save £37.45.
  • Delivery – you can have it delivered to your doorstep for free if living in the UK.
  • Orbit size – the dual action bit enables you to cover more surface making sanding to be more efficient
  • Soft grip – the Sealey DAS149 dual action sander has a soft grip which adds to your comfort. You can, therefore, polish for hours without the risk of getting blisters and aching muscles at the end of your job.
  • Multifunctional – you can use Sealey DAS149 dual action as not only a sander but also as a polisher, both of which it works excellently.


  • Polishing – though you can use the DAS149 sander to polish your vehicle, its power is not enough to polish car paint to the extremes you would expect from a panel polish. You will get a good polished look on your car but if it had any scratches, they will still be there because it cannot remove all of them.
  • Motor – the motor may be powerful but when you apply pressure as you carry on with sanding or polishing, its speed slows down.
  • Backing pad – you need to fit your DAS149 sander with a backing pad model No. PTC115VA516 when you want to polish any surface. However the package does not come with this backing pad and you have to buy it separately, adding to the total cost of your polishing task.
  • Dust extraction – it does not have a dust extraction port, neither does it have a dust collection bag. Since the sanding and polishing tasks result in lots of dust, you must brace yourself for the dusty experience.
  • Attaching to hoover – DAS149 does not afford you the luxury of using it with a hoover.


Sealey DAS149 random dual action sander is a good quality product for a much cheaper price. With its features, it adds efficiency to the job while guaranteeing the comfort of the use.


This sander has sufficient power enabled by the high rpm. Besides, its variable speed control enables you to use it for both polishing and sanding even the more delicate areas without the fear of causing damage.


There are more expensive brands of sanders apart from the above Sealey DAS149 review, it does the same job, if not better, at a much cheaper cost. It is a nice option for getting your car to shine so bright you can see your reflection on it. Want to learn more about other sanders on the market, check out our round up post on our ultimate tool guide: best sanders. You can also visit our exclusive links below to learn more about the Sealey DAS149!

Sealey DAS149 Random Orbital Dual Action Sander/Polisher Ø150mm 600W/230V

£78.00 £119.94
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Last update was in: 18th October 2018 5:36 am

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