VonHaus Rotary Multi-Tool Review

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VonHaus Rotary Multi-Tool is a multipurpose tool fitted with a 135W motor. The machine is perfect for different tasks, like woodworking, and various crafts. The multi-tool can be recognized by its unique features which support its multi-function aspect. It comes in either orange or black color. In this VonHaus rotary multi-tool review, we will be going over the major features, specs, pros & cons, as well as our testing feedback.

VonHaus Rotary Multi Tool 550W with 287-Piece Accessory Kit for DIY Jobs - DREMEL Compatible

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Getting to know the many features of a power tool is quite important and should be considered before purchasing. The VonHaus rotary multi-tool has a number of features and benefits. To start, the 135W Rotary Motor is a powerful motor that allows for a number of different DIY projects, including woodwork, cutting, sanding, jewelry creation, cleaning, as well as engraving. Secondly, the comprehensive 234 accessories set that comes with the rotary multi tool helps in the perfection of details, and because of its wide assortment of accessories it is more adaptable for small-scale tasks. Thirdly, with the high-speed control, the speed is variable between 10000 and 32000/min. This ensures that each job is assigned the right speed. A great feature of this specific multi tool is the fact that is compatible with Dremel branded accessories. This allows for even more functionality and uses, like the ones that we found in our Dremel 3000-15 review. Finally, with the brand already offering great quality tools, the VonHaus extended warranty ensures there is no down time. Other specifications of this multi tool include the following:

  • Chuck Capacity: 3.2mm max
  • NW/GW: 0.7/1.3kg
  • Variable Speed: 10000 – 32000/min
  • Rated Power: 135W
  • Variable Speed: 10000 – 32000/min
  • Power source: Corded –Electric
  • Wattage : 135 watts

There are a number of pros and cons that VonHaus Rotary Multi-Tool has, these include the following:

  • Easy accessory replacement is designed ergonomically, the VonHaus Rotary Multi-Tool has a hassle-free tool replacement routine.
  • The multi-tool is highly versatile and therefore is quite adaptable to many tasks ranging from jewelry to cleaning. Others include polishing, sharpening, cutting, and others.
  • Variable speed adjustment simplifies precision work. Each task is done with its perfect speed.
  • The warranty is quite extensive as it runs for two years. This covers any manufacturing errors.
  • The 232 accessories set comes with a lot of useful tools. This includes: a cloth wheel, a dressing stone, eight fabric tips, assorted grinding wheels, ten shank wheels, seven engraving cutters, two high-speed cutters, and five wire brushes.

  • VonHaus Rotary Multi-Tool is not conducive for large-scale tasks. Keeping it limited to small-scale despite the wide range of capabilities.
  • Has many accessories which could be a bit confusing.
  • Small-scale yet limited to electrical power which may not be available for all.

Testing Feedback

While completing our VonHaus rotary multi-tool review, we first found that the the machine is well presented and neat. It is not cluttered, or confusing to use. Though skeptical before purchase, the machine has posed no problems at all. The VonHaus rotary multi-tool has proved very good during use as well. Making mini katana swords has never been easy. Small details are simplified especially by the flexible cord, as well as the many cutting accessories that come with it. The power variation is quite a popular aspect whereby it is much easier to operate without the fear of causing havoc on the project that you may be working on. The VonHaus Rotary multi-tool is definitely a tool that we recommend for all craftsman.


Overall, with a great bang for your buck, we found that in our VonHaus rotary multi-tool review,  is a tool that is quite impressive and provides great value. The flexibility is also quite incredible. It is just the right gadget for lovers of craft and woodwork. Make your hobby more fun with this one-stop machine. To finish, if you find this review useful, feel free to comment below on what projects you’re currently working on that requires a multi-tool! We are also open to any new suggestions for future content like this one!

VonHaus Rotary Multi Tool 550W with 287-Piece Accessory Kit for DIY Jobs - DREMEL Compatible

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Last update was in: 24th May 2019 7:58 am

VonHaus Rotary Multi Tool

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