Mountfield SP454 Review: Rotary Lawnmower

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Lawnmower technology is constantly evolving becoming Lighter, tougher and more energy efficient. Grass grows quicker then we would like it to at times and can sometimes feels like a part time job keeping up with the yard. Having a properly groomed lawn can make or break the appearance of our homes. Owning a lawn mower that is reliable, powerful and efficient is a must for keeping up with the never ending lawn maintenance. The Mountfield SP454 Review brought to by ToolShelf will give you all the pros, cons and features to help make your decision easier if you have had your eyes on the Mountfield SP454.

How to Mow a Lawn for Beginners

Before I begin the Mountfield SP454 review, ToolShelf would like to give you some pointers on how to mow a lawn for beginners. Mowing a lawn might seem like a no brainier and your right, its not rocket science. However, there are a few things that you might not know. By following these tips I guarantee you will have better results when mowing your lawn and less time picking weeds.

1. Set mow blades high – When keeping your grass a little longer not only does it help with root development and grown but it also prevents weed propagation and growth.

2. Try to mow a lawn when its dry – Mow your lawn when the grass is dry preferably in the evening when its cooler. It’s not only easier on the user but it also reduces stress on the grass while recovering resulting in a much healthier lawn.

3. Always change up your mow pattern –  Changing you mow pattern while cutting the grass prevents ruts from forming and keeps the grass standing up nice and straight.

4. Leave some grass clipping behind – Grass clipping decompose very quick and are also a great way to fertilize your lawn. Not only does this save money on fertilizer but it also reduces your workload of bagging grass then getting rid of it.

5. Mow the lawn by height and not by time –  Depending on the time of year your grass will grow at different speeds. By letting the height of your grass determine mow schedule you can prevent lawn stress and depending on the time of the year less mowing.

Mountfield SP45 44cm Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

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Mountfield SP454 Review Features

  • 20 – 70 mm cutting height
  • 450 mm cutting width
  • Mountfield WB45 140 cc 4 stroke engine
  • 55L collection capacity
  • Mulching plug & collector inclcuded
  • Self propelled
  • Weight 27.5 kg
  • 2 year warranty


Right off the bat the Mountfield SP454 was easy to assemble right out of the box and can be built within a few minutes. The grass collector is made of strong material and the mulch plug is a great feature that simply works. The 140 cc 4 stroke engine is built with quality parts and is powerful enough to cut through dense overgrown weeds and grass. The cutting deck is build out of a durable powder coated steel and the handle, throttle and clutch all feel nice and sturdy while operating. Mountfield has been building quality high performance lawnmowers since 1962 and are well known in the industry. Backed with a 2 year warranty that includes after sales service and help you can guarantee piece of mind after purchasing a Mountfield SP454.


Once assembled the Mountfield SP454 is extremly easy to use pretty much right out of the box and is surprisingly light. The simplicity and functionality of this lawnmower is great for new homeowners, there is no choke to mess around with, no throttle leaver and no petrol tap. To start the engine was easy and only required a quick prime and a few pulls of the starter cable to get it fired up. The self propelled motor is easy to engage with the push of the clutch and moves at a nice pace, another brilliant feature that makes cutting thick grass or gardens on sloped landscapes a much easier task. The wheels were decent at gripping the turf but required a little bit of a push every now and then in the thicker more dense grass. The grass collector is a tad on the small side but the performance of the mulch plug and lawnmower itself makes up for it. The height of the blades are easily adjusted with a a single lever and the handle folds down for easy storage.

Mountfield SP45 44cm Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

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  • Light weight and easy to store
  • Self propelled
  • Easy operation
  • Durable parts and constuction
  • 2 year warranty

  • Grass collector is a bit small


The Mountfield SP454 is compact, lightweight and performed with ease. This lawnmower might not come with all the bells in whistles but its a great lawnmower backed by a great company. Sometimes simple is the best way to go and I highly recommend the Mountfield SP454 to anyone looking for a reliable, compact, lightweight self propelled lawnmower that simply gets the job done. If you liked our Mountfield SP454 review, have any questions or review suggestions to share, please leave a comment below.

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