Bosch Rotak 400 Review: Electric Lawn Mower

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In this post will be conducting the The Bosch Rotak 400 review. This specif lawn mower refers to an electric lawn mower, meaning it has a power cord. This characteristic makes this model appropriate for small to medium-sized backyards and gardens. It’s a reasonably lightweight mower, usually 12.6 kilograms, enabling you to maneuver it around your deck. The motor is powerful and fast (3600). Its torque increases gradually since the smart mechanism installed in the system senses more load. This mower has grass combs, a 15-meter cable for better cutting as well as 10″ height adjustments that range between 20 and 70mm. Additionally, the Bosch Rotak 400 is equipped with a supplementary-large grass box. It also holds a capacity of 50 liters of grass, meaning the person using the lawn mower should empty the grass box somewhat infrequently. When compared to the other electric lawn mowers, the Bosch Rotak 400 is relatively expensive. However, the quality of this equipment and its longevity typically justify the slightly high price.

How to Keep Lawn Mower Blades Sharp

Keeping you mow blades sharp is a crucial aspect of cutting grass. By putting in the time and doing regular blade maintenance you can keep your lawn mower cutting like the day you bought it. Before jumping into the actual review ToolShelf would like to point out a few key points to keep your mower blades sharp.

Preventing Dull Blades

Many things can potentially dull your blade, and fast. Before mowing your lawn always do a routine check for rocks, big sticks, toys, and any other foreign objects that might damage the blades. Also mow your lawn when its dry and not wet. Wet grass will not only stress the grass but will also cause your blades to dull much quicker.

How to Identify a Dull Blade

After you mow the lawn a good way to check if you have a dull blade or not is to look at the grass. If your cuts don’t look clean, there is a good chance your blades could use sharpening or replacing. Keeping a clean blade not only makes cuting grass easier but again it will ensure a much healthier lawn.

How to Sharpen a Dull Blade

Sharpening your blades twice a season is a good benchmark to keeping your blades sharp. Safety is very important so always shut down the lawn mower before attempting to sharpen the blades. Once the machine is safe for work, remove the blade, clean it off and sharpen it. A easy way to sharpen the blade is to put it in a vice to hold it down, then sharpen both sides with a file. For more details on sharpening lawn mower blades with a file, you can check out the video at the bottom of the post.

A great alternative to using the file is to purchase a blade sharpening bit. However, it requires a Proper drill and without one, this is simply not an option. If you do own a drill this is not only a fast and easy alternative, but it also guarantees the blade is being sharpened at a proper angle.

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Bosch Rotak 400 Review Features

  • 20 – 70 mm cutting height
  • 400 mm cutting width
  • 1700 w electric engine
  • 50 L collection capacity
  • 15 meter cable
  • Hand Propelled
  • Weight 12.6 kg
  • ]3 year manufacturing warranty


Bosch Rotak 400 is a high-quality piece of equipment used to handle landscaping of your backyard and gardens. You can use the Bosch Rotak 400 on tougher and wet grass and still get impressive results. This motor is strong enough to guarantee you perfect cutting in spite of the toughness and the length of the grass. The handle of the Bosch Rotak 40 can easily fold, making it extremely compact. That simplifies the storage because this landscaping equipment will require just a small space. You can easily push the Bosch Rotak 40 uphill or use it expansively without getting fatigued. All electric lawn mowers are usually known for operating silently, and the Bosch Rotak 400 is not an exception. This mower does not make much noise; hence the process of landscaping your yard will not interfere with any other outdoor activity. The Bosch Rotak 400 lawn mower comes with outstanding safety features. It has cut off feature that works automatically in case your motor overheats. Besides, there’s a 60-second cooling period before you turn on the lawn mower again. These two features typically protect your motor and also ensure the longevity of your lawn mower.


Most users love the ergonomic nature of this Ergoflex mower design. This machine is very comfortable and easy to use. You can either operate it with one or both hands. There is an adjustable working height as well, enabling both shorter and taller persons to work comfortably with this lawn mower. Everyone in the family can operate the lawn mower since it is lightweight and also easy to maneuver.

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Bosch Rotak 400 Pros & Cons

bosch lawnmower shapener

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  • Extremely silent function
  • Light weight for easy cutting
  • Quality design
  • Ergonomic design to reduced fatigue
  • Compact construction for storage

  • Price a bit high compared to other lawn mowers
  • Grass collector is made of plastic
  • Not Designed for large backyards

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Overall, the Bosch Rotak model is designed with the comfort of the customer in mind, make it suitable for a broad audience, providing the older adults the tools to maintain their yards without worrying about back problems at their old age. This mower’s engine is strong enough to help you finish all your tasks easily, and this model comes with a two-year guarantee, which shows that the producers hold this equipment in high regard, having faith in the hard warranty and durable components, which can be upgraded to three years once you register your lawn mower with the manufacturer. If you liked our Bosch Rotak 400 review and would like to see another power tool reviewed, leave us a message in the comments section below.

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Lawn Care & Landscaping : How to Sharpen a Power Mower Blade

When sharpening a power mower blade, remove the blade from the machine, secure it in a vice, and run the file down the blade in a single direction.

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