Makita DUH523Z Review: Hedge Trimmer

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Overgrown hedges can give your home an unkempt look, therefore, investing in a hedge trimmer should be a priority. Hedge trimmers are not only a great way to trim your hedges but they also do the job effectively and efficiently.  Rather then doing it manually or paying a company to trim your hedges an electric or gas powered hedge trimmer is your best option. With all the products in the market, choosing the right one is difficult since you simply cannot purchase and try them all. However, through this Makita DUH523Z review, you will have at least enough knowledge to make an informed decision before putting the nail in the coffin.

Hedge Trimming Tips for Beginners

Although trimming a hedge is not a super confusing task, there are a few tricks and tips to you might not know about. Before getting into the review wants to share with you a our hedge trimming tips for beginners guide to help you get started on the right foot.

1. Keep blades nice and sharp – As obvious as this sounds, keeping your blades sharp is an important aspect to hedge trimming. Not only do sharp blades insure a nice smooth quick cut but it will also prevent your hedge trimmer from getting snagged resulting in a longer battery life.

2.Keep the blades clean – After every trimming session the blades should be cleaned. Cleaning your blades on on a regular basis will prevent build up of sap. Sap will harden just like a resin over time if not cleaned and cause the blades from either seizing up or prevent them from properly cutting.

3.Trimming the Hedge – You should always start trimming the sides of a hedge before trimming the top. After the sides have been trimmed it’s much easier to trim the top, especially when dealing with taller hedges.

4.Cutting straight Lines – Cutting a stright line is not an easy task when it comes to hedge trimming. An easy way to to ensure straight lines is by using the stake and string technique.  Be sure to step back every now and then to make sure it looks good and your lines are nice and straight.

5.The clean up – Once the hedge has been trimmed give it a brush with a rake. This not only helps the loose trimming fall to the ground, but it also reveals any branches you might have missed. A pair of hand clippers might be the better option to do the final clean up.

Fiskars 114790 HS72 Power Gear Hedge Shear - Multi-Colour

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Check out the video at the bottom of the review to get a more in depth version of hedge trimming tips for beginners.

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Makita DUH523Z Review Features

  • Weight 3.3 kg
  • 12 mm max branch diameter
  • Anti-Vibration structure
  • Nickle plated stain free shear blades
  • 1350 strokes per minute
  • 18 V Li-ion battery operated
  • 52 cm blade length
  • Electric brake
  • 2 handed safety operation


Makita DUH523z  It’s 52 cm blade length makes it efficient in cutting long branches while still maintaining room for maneuvering. Its motor is powerful enough to give your hedges a well-managed look but not sufficient to cut through any robust shrubs and bushes.  It’s build with a steel shear blade surface with electric brake that you can easily remove and replace it when the need arises. Because of its light weight and cordless functionality it’s easy to use and prevents fatigue.  The trimmer also warns you through a blinking red lamp that the power is almost used up, and a solid red light to indicate that power is already used up and the battery protector shuts off the power. The DUH523Z makes minimal noise which not only protects your hearing but keeps you safe from the complaints of neighbor especially if you are living in a residential area. It has a rubber grip which makes it comfortable to grip and vibration free experience without any incident of slipping hands.


The Makita DUH523Z is a slick blue hedge trimmer which requires one 18 Volts Lithium Ion battery to operate. It’s a high-quality product made to be long-lasting. The fact that you are free to replace the blade without disassembling the housing stamps its ability to last for years. Besides, it makes efficient use of battery power and its steel blades remain stain free.

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Makita DUH523Z Review Pros & Cons

Makita DUH523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer (Body Only), 18 V, 52 cm

£64.98 £163.00
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  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Easy removable blade for replacement
  • Stain free blade with electric brake
  • Very quite opertation
  • Comfortable vibration free rubber grip

  • No batteries or charger included
  • Not meant for thick brush or branches

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If you are looking for a product that will get you a well-manicured hedge, look no further than the Makita DUH523Z. For only £64.50, your trimming task will be so effortless that you will look forward to chopping off unruly hedges. Thanks for checking out our Makita DHU523Z Review. If you liked out post, have any suggestions on what you want us to post next, or just want to say hi,  Leave a comment below.

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