Five Amazing DIY Enthusiest Bloggers: Home Upgrade Ideas

If you own or home I guarantee you have already done some upgrades or have been thinking about it. There are many DIY home upgrades that usually don’t cost much and have a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Usually, a good idea is all it takes to spark the DIY enthusiast inside of you. Sometimes all you really needs is a little creativity, a few tools to get the job done, and a whole lot of elbow grease to really make your home shine. Here are some of our Favorite bloggers with some awesome DIY ideas that can help turn a house into your home.

Room for Tuesday

Room for Tuesday is a interior/exterior design blog created by Sarah Gibson. Sarah is a Designer by trade and it definitely shows through her work when blogging. DIY enthusiast, designer and renovator, Sarah and her husband Emmett Gibson are quite the team, Sarah has the visions and Emmett turns them into a reality. There are many tools required to finish a renovation or DIY job, you can find some of Sarah’s favorite tools on her blog that Emmett uses on a regular basis. Room for Tuesday is full of brilliant renovation guides, DIY ideas and much more. Check them out and be sure to follow them on Instagram @roomfortuesday, I guarantee you will find a DIY project that works for you.

Southern State of Mind

Southern State of Mind is a life style blog created by Heather. A DIY enthusiast, Coffee lover and margarita drinker, Heather has a keen eye for design and fashion and a big heart for DIY projects. In her blog you will find easy to do projects ideas like the DIY galvanized curtain rods project. This is a great example of a super easy to do DIY project on her blog and it only requires the material, a power drill, and a few hand tools to complete. Heather is also a free lance writer, brand influencer, and avid Instagrammer, be sure follow her @southernheather.

Two Twenty One

Two Twenty One is a creative living blog with a love for room makeovers, DIY projects and everything else home related. Chelsea, the author of Two Twenty One is a wife, a mom and a sarcastic soul with a great sense of humor. She has a huge passion for blogging, and loves sharing her DIY ideas and life style guides with the world. She is not afraid to try new things and makes projects you might not be willing to try much less scary. Something so simple like replacing your electrical outlets can make such a difference and she proves it to you its not as hard as you think. Check out Two Twenty One and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @TwoTwentyOne

The DIY Playbook

Bridget and Casey are both best friends and the brains behind The DIY Playbook. These two young entrepreneurs have a passion for blogging with the personality to match it. On The DIY Playbook you can find DIY and home decor ideas from rug size buying tips to DIY baseboard installation guides and everything in between. The baseboard installation project is a two part guide showing you how they did it, what tools they used and what tricks they used to make it easier. If your looking for some great tips and tricks for a budget friendly way of upgrading your home, I highly suggest checking them out and adding them to Instagram @DIYPlaybook.

Young House Love

Young House Love is a Blog created by John & Sherry. In 2006 they bought there first house, in 2007 they started blogging and haven’t looked back. Since their first post they have renovated 3 houses together, published a book and have written over 3000 DIY and home project posts. They have home improvement guides, decorating tips, and favorite must have DIY tool guides to share with the world, and to help their followers along their own personal journeys. Together John & Sherry prove that anything is possible and have the content to prove it. If your looking for some inspiration on DIY home upgrades or decorating tips, check out their blog, Young House Love and follow them on Pinterest @YoungHouseLove.


Home upgrades in general don’t always cost a fortune and these five bloggers mentioned above can prove it. Each blogger has their own story and all bring something different to the table, and even thought they all have their own style, they all share similar traits. All of them love what they do, they have a huge passion for blogging and none of them are scared to get their hands dirty.

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