9 Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Getting started with woodworking and using power tools can be intimidating at first.  We have scoured the web to find some easy woodworking projects for beginners that are a great way to get you feeling comfortable using power tools and end up with some great furniture and art for your home!

Wood Triangle Bookends

These bookends are very stylish and super easy to make – no nails required!  A very basic plan and great for beginners with a mitre saw to start learning how to use it.

Get the full plans at MakeAndTell.com

Laminated Cutting Board

A cutting board is a great first time or beginner’s woodworking project as it is simple to make, you can get creative with the designs, and finally it is something that gets used daily in the kitchen when you are complete!  This project is good to get used to working with a table saw as well as any type of power sander or router.

Get the full plans at FourOaksCrafts.com

Barn Wood Picture Frames

Another very simple project and a great decoration, making picture frames is also great way to get used to making 45 degree angle cuts with a mitre saw.  This project also calls for a power drill for the hanging holes.

Get the full plans at ChadChandler.com

Farmhouse Table

This DIY project is a bit more complex but definitely has an amazing end result!  This is a great way to refresh an old table (maybe something you got for free or very cheap?) or add additional wood finish to a new table.

Get the full plans at OneProjectCloser.com

Leather & Wood Mail Organizer

Probably the easiest woodworking project for beginners on our list here, this DIY requires no power tools and is very functional!  All you need to get started is an old cutting board (or other similar size piece of spare wood) and some scrap leather.

Full plans here: BiggerThanTheThreeOfUs.com

Plywood Quote Wall Art

This project is perfect for learning inside and circle cutting skills with a jigsaw. You can get creative with any quote or message you want to display depending on the room or area of your house you want to mount it.

Get the full tutorial at RealityDayDream.com

Paint Stick Basket

This simple basket is one of our favourite easy woodworking projects for beginners as the cost of materials require is so low!  You can also use a staple gun or other stapler to build your accuracy for using this tool on larger projects with more expensive materials.  Once done the basket can be used for anything and looks great outdoors or in your garden!

Get the full instructions at Build-Basic.com

Mounted Shelving

Making your own shelving is a fun project that will build your woodworking and carpentry skills as well as save you money from buying shelving at a store!  By building your own shelves you can also customize the layout and size to store oversized or oddly shaped items you want to display.  Installing these will improve the look of any room immediately!

Get the full tutorial as well as organization tips at AlmostMakesPerfect.com

Rustic X-Bench

Building your own bench for indoors or outdoors has never been easier!  This rustic looking bench is a great storage or seating solution that you can custom size for anywhere in your home or yard.  The X sides reinforce the top ensuring the bench will last for years to come.  Finish with an antique or vintage looking stain for the ultimate rustic look!

The free plans (along with decorating tips) can be found at DIYHuntress.com

Well there you have it, our favourite 9 plans and projects for new woodworkers!  Did you end up making one of the items on the list?  Have another tutorial or plan that you would like to see added?  Let us know in the comments below!

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