10 Eye-Catching Kids Playhouse Projects

A kids playhouse can be a great addition to a home with a family. They are great to keep the kids busy on a nice summer day, or for a backyard birthday party. A playhouse can be made with a range of different materials and tools. From cardboard to wood, true DIYist can build something special and eye-catching at the same time. The kids will definitely enjoy their time with a space of their own! This post is all about rounding up some of the best kids playhouse projects on the web. So let’s get started:

The New & Improved PlayhouseThe Improved Playhouse

This first playhouse is all about taking in your inner DIY and building a playhouse from scratch. What first started off as a a playhouse made from untreated wood, it then began to deteriorate and become unusable. This sparked the folks at Cluttered Genius to build a new and improved playhouse that will last even longer than before.

Read more about this kids playhouse here:


The 4X4 Playhousethe 4 by 4 playhouse

This next playhouse is all about building in small areas. Remember, big things come in a small packages, and the same goes for playhouses. They are all about imagination and enjoyment from the kids. With this playhouse, which measures at just 4 x 4, it offers a good balance of simplicity and low difficulty construction.

Learn more about this kids playhouse here:


The Club House (with Slide)the club house playhouse

This playhouse comes with a little bit of something extra. Just like the first house above, this one was also brought back to life. With a shingled roof, this playhouse also features a nice bright loop around slide, this will make it easier (and faster!) to get down. We also like the nice bright blue paint job.

Learn more about the design and build process of The Club House here:


The Playground Housethe playground playhouse

This playhouse combines the likes of a house, as well as some of the features of a playground. It has been built to come with everything that you would expect from a playground. This includes a slide, a couple of swings, and a rope clumb. Also built from scratch, this play house looks very professional and offers a load of different things to do for the kids.

Check out some of the images and thought process of The Playground House here:


Houses on Trees (Compilation)the a-frame treehouse playhouse

When I first hear the word playhouse, the first thing that pops up in my head is the typical old treehouse. It’s typically built way high up and is supported by a tree’s branches. There are some really simple ones out there, as well as very complex and expensive treehouses as well. We thought this post was perfect for a short but interesting treehouse compilation. Our favorite is the A-Frame Treehouse!

See a list of our favourite treehouses here:


The PVC Playhousethe pvc playhouse

While most playhouses are made of a mixture of wood and nails, you can actually  get really crafty when working with different materials. Just like Jenn, who built a simple playhouse made from PVC piping. By simple connecting each part, she was able to construct the basic frame of a playhouse within half an hour. It just goes to show that thinking outside of the box can really bring great results.

Read more about the specs and construction of the PVC playhouse here:


The Makeoverthe makeover playhouse

Sometimes building a playhouse from scratch isn’t an option. However, taking something old and making it new again could make more economical sense. That’s how Melissa took a old and beaten up plastic playhouse, and gave it new life with a fresh paint of coat. It also matches her existing home!

See see the before and after of the playhouse makeover here:


The Modern Farmhousethe modern playhouse

Most of this post so far has featured playhouses that are somewhat or fully DIY. Sometimes, building from scratch may not be an option, however, buying a ready made playhouse will allow for huge time saving and building headaches. This is where Leslie’s Costco playhouse came into play. With some modifications, she was able to add her own flare to what would have been a boring and plain playhouse.

Take a look at the Modern Farmhouse here:


The Cardboard Playhousethe cardboard playhouse

Somehow and somewhere, people end up with really big boxes, whether it’s through purchasing a TV, a fridge, or another heavy appliance. While a lot of these boxes also end up at recycling facilities, why not have a little fun and build a playhouse with cardboard!?. This playhouse is up of nothing but cardboard, some packaging tape, and a box cutter. It also folds away for easy storage!

Read about the inspiration for this little playhouse here:


The Creative Playhousethe creative playhouse

This playhouse is by far our favourite. The creativity gone into the creation and construction of this playhouse is outstanding. It features its very own garden, illuminating lamps, and a little birdhouse that sits on the top. The decorations are also on point, giving it a little bit of extra flare and more of a complete look.

Take a look at some of the beautiful pictures and backstory of this playhouse here:


And there we have it. Our official roundup post of some of our favourite playhouses. Whether you’re a DIYist or a professional builder, there’s always something for everyone! Were inspired by this post? See another playhouse that you think is cool? Feel free to comment and link below!  

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