Ryobi RLT5027 Review

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Whether you are dealing with an overgrown area of grass or you just want to shape your grassland well, a power-driven grass trimmer is the ideal tool to use. In this Ryobi RLT5027 Review, we will going over the tool’s features and benefits, pros and cons, as well as our recommendation for one the best grass trimmers on the market.  With the sheer power it offers on a daily basis, you can cover larger areas fast with its impressive 27cm cutting lane. You can also use the three positions turning string head while dealing with awkward angles. It has an adjustable handle that makes it very comfortable to use whereas an integrated quick-release cable wrap, as well as auto feed reel, make it easy to keep neat so that you can keep the edge of your lawn looking neat and tidy. Let’s start with a quick list of the features and benefits of the Ryobi RLT5027.

Ryobi RLT5027 Elektro-Rasentrimmer

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Features and Benefits

Some of the features and benefits lie primarily on the tools ability to perform well while performing maintenance on a lawn. Firstly, the RLT5027 features a Powerful 500W high-performance electrically powered motor, that is both powerful and lightweight. The large 27cm cutting path helps you complete any task fast as it covers more area through every pass. Moreover, the high power motor is correctly fitted and positioned near the cutting edge for a closer cut.

Other features of the Ryobi RLT5027 includes an Easy Edge that allows a quick shift from edging to trimming modes. This will ensure there is more efficiency with minimal downtime, The turning string head is designed for more multipurpose cutting, with different grass thicknesses in mind.

Other features of this grass trimmer include the following:

  • A telescoping shaft with a flexible front handle makes it easy to use for different individual heights.
  • A cohesive wall mount knob designed for easy storage in a shed or garage.
  • Integrated quick-release cord wrap allows for easy winding and release.
  • Consists of an auto-feed reel that can help you keep the edge of your lawn looking well-ordered and neat.
  • It has a metal shaft designed for durability and sturdiness.
  • Its features provide a comfortable posture when working and therefore does not cause tiredness or stress.
  • The tool is really light in weight, which makes it easy to handle and can clear a big piece of lawn with ease.
  • It cuts the grass to the required height with ease.
  • Its extended warranty gives you as a buyer assurance of your money.

  • Sometimes the machine can be tiresome to hold due to the motor. This is where most of its weight is.
  • The cord is also requires an extension as the cable attached is very short.

Overall the Ryobi RLT5027 is an optimal grass trimming tool since it provides multitude of features that makes it superior compared to similar tools. The 500 watt motor allows for efficient and quick trimming, and does not overheat very easily. It has an edge of 27 cm in cutting width that helps you to trim a large area comfortably. The adjustable handle provides one with good posture when cutting grass. It cuts the grass to the size of your choice and it is very comfortable to work with.

To finish, we hope you found our Ryobi RLT5027 review useful in your search for that next grass trimmer. It is a great tool and does exceptionally well while maintaining your lawn. Have any suggestions or questions about this tool? Feel free to leave a comment down below. You can also visit our exclusive link below to purchase the Ryobi RLT5027.

Ryobi RLT5027 Elektro-Rasentrimmer

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Last update was in: 19th April 2019 2:21 pm

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