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The Makita HP457DWE10 is every carpenter and repair man’s ideal drill set. This is a perfect DIY enthusiast kit that comes with a complete package of chargers, various drills, batteries, and other accessories. It allows you to get all your tools in one little box. The drill set contains a combi drill, two lithium ion 1.3 AHG series batteries, one charger, accessories, and a carrying case. this is definitely a toolkit that every professional should carried around. In this Makita HP457DWE10 review we will be looking at the set’s features, performance, pros & cons, as well as the overall quality. We will first start off with the basic features that come with the set.

Makita HP457DWE10 Combi drill accessories with carry case

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£126.99 £167.99


Some of the features of the Makita HP457DWE10 include the following:

  • Electric brake, to ensure safe operation.
  • Forward and reverse switch, for easy mode adjustment
  • Speed controller trigger, this ensures that you are able to control the speed depending on the work being done.
  • Comfortable and smooth ergonomic handle will allow for hours upon hours of work.
  • A keyless chuck allows for easy switching with drill bits and other accessories.
  • 16 torque settings for you to choose from for each type of material.
  • The Makita drill set contains the Combi drill, Makita’s signature lithium ion 1.3 HG series batteries, one charger, accessories, and a stylish carrying case.


The Makita HP457DWE10 drill kit is a comprehensive, handy, and efficient drill kit that is a must-have for any carpenter. The Makita drill is quite efficient for its size. The comfortable handle allows a strong, comfortable grip. That way, when using the drill for hours, your hands will not cramp from discomfort. It does a great job doing what it supposed to do, that is drilling everything from wood to metal pipes. The drill is very light so it’s portable and can be carried around anywhere. Everything is organized and the charger that comes with the drill kit charges the lithium battery in an efficient manner. Overall, we are very satisfied with its performance during our testing.


The great part about the Makita drill is that you can use it for hours without having a blister or crampy hands. If you have a project that will take a couple hours, you can be rest assured that this drill will help you get the job done. The ergonomic grip ensures that you are able to comfortably use it without the cramps and aches. Another amazing quality is the convenient forward and reverse switch. The switch makes a smooth transition between two directions. The drill also incorporates three modes. These are the drilling mode, impact driver mode, and hammer mode. This makes the Makita drill very impressive and versatile. The variable speed control allows you to adjust the speed that you are comfortable with. Plus, the keyless chuck makes it easy to install. To make things better, the 16 torque setting gives you more options to choose from. Finally, it comes with a convenient charger along with 74 pieces of accessories to play around with.


Even though this is a high-quality drill set, there are still some issues. First, it’s not as powerful as other drills. It is still strong, but it does not compare to other more powerful drills. With this drill, you have to use some power and strength to help you out. Moreover, the charger is not as quick as most competitors in terms of charging the battery – which takes about 1+ hours to charge the battery. We recommend purchasing additional batteries so that you can switch between them.

  • Ergonomic handle and design
  • Quick forward and reverse switch
  • Three modes: drilling mode, impact driver mode, and hammer mode
  • Variable speed control
  • Keyless chuck for easy drill bit switching
  • Comes with a load of accessories

  • Weak drilling capabilities
  • Slow battery charger


The Makita drill works very well and it’s quite affordable. However, it’s not as powerful as a regular drill. Mainly because it’s extremely compacted to fit perfectly in the drill set. Plus, the tool that makes up the drill isn’t very sturdy and strong. It completes the work efficiently but does require some manpower to truly get the job done. However, because of its affordability, variety, and versatility, it is still a very marketable and high-quality product.


To conclude, while conducting our Makita HP457DWE10 review, we found that the drill works very well and quite durable The ergonomic handle is the signature feature that will allow you to handle the drill for hours without cramping up. With a multitude of accessories and bits that come with the drill, you will not have to shop for other accessories or bits. Overall, this affordable, versatile, and reliable drill set is an absolute must-have for any repairman or carpenter. 

Makita HP457DWE10 Combi drill accessories with carry case

£126.99 £167.99
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Makita Drill Review HP457D

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