3 Great DIY Kitchen Hacks

Kitchens play an important role within any household. It’s the epicenter of the ideation and creation of food, an essential part of everyday life. In order to make the kitchen useful and efficient, finding ways to reduce time and make more food is the end goal. There are many ways that this can be done. Therefore, in this post, we will covering our favourite top 3 Kitchen DIY projects. Each and every DIY project discussed looks to make the kitchen an even better and more efficient place to cook on a daily basis.

Mamavation: DIY Pantry

Mamavation DIY Hack

Photo By: Mamavation

The pantry is sort of like the fridge, but for mainly dry, bottled, or canned goods. It’s meant for easy access and storage of food like fruits, cereals, or canned corn. Like a fridge, the pantry can also get a bit disorganized when things are being moved around. Mamavation takes panty organization to another level through a little bit of DIY. In their post, organization is key to any pantry. Therefore, utilizing clear containers not only makes it easier to see the items, they also allows you to fit more food into a fridge. Checkout the Mamavation blog to learn more about other kitchen hacks!

Sofia Clara: DIY Kitchen Unit

Sofia Clara DIY Unit

Photo By: Sofia Clara

In this top 5 DIY kitchen hack, Sofia Clara builds a DIY kitchen unit. Using a combination of IKEA products, as well as raw materials, this DIY kitchen unit is a great centrepiece for what could otherwise be an empty space. The unit also doubles as storage for things like plates, cutlery, and champagne bottles. Sandpaper, as well as a drill, like the one featured in our Makita DTD153Z review, were used to complete this project. Overall, we really liked Sofia’s creativity in this top 5 DIY kitchen hack. Checkout Sofia’s blog to see more DIY projects like this one.

Jessica Rayome: DIY Chalkboard

Jessica Rayome DIY Chalkboard

Photo By: Jessica Rayome

With the kitchen being one of the most high traffic rooms in any house, DIY hacks can help alleviate any pain points when using this room day to day. For Jessica Rayome, taking something that would otherwise be plain, and making it functional is key in any DIY kitchen hack. In one of her DIY posts, Jessica goes over how to utilize chalkboard paint on walls, cabinets, and doors. With chalkboard paint, you can write anything you desire, such as a shopping list for that next grocery trip. Like to see more projects like this? Check out Jessica’s blog to discover more creative DIY kitchen hacks.

Overall, this short round-up of 3 DIY kitchen hacks really goes to show the creativity that DIYists can have. We hope each project has inspired you to step foot into the DIY space. Looking to see more content like this? Feel free to comment below with any suggestions!

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